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Noleac Yahsin

  “Deviser of abysmal, contagious melodies that craft an utopia fit for reality.”

This is how Noleac Yahsin envisions herself as an artist. Always pushing the envelope of what creativity and melodic expression should consist of. Yahsin proclaims her music to be therapeutic, an antidote to escapism. She credits her birthplace of Louisiana as the true sculptor to her eclectic soul. Like a sponge she soaked in all the soulful heavy hitters (Kem, Tracy Chapman, Sade) her mother played as a child. That in combination with her love for Jim Croce, introduced by her father, she was a product of an array of musical influences. Today, this translates to her musicality, which she refers to as Experimental ModeRnB.  She infuses her beloved foundation of traditional R&B and soul, with nontraditional instrumentals and song structure.

An avid physical and mental health researcher and advocate, Yahsin’s deepest fulfillment comes from helping others achieve the inner peace that she has obtained through years of extensive self-care. In a variety of mediums (singing, songwriting, producing) she uses her art as a vessel to spread her testimonies to living life, spreading love, and overcoming hardships.

“I hope to uplift and free others from the illusion of time, by immersing themselves into this very moment… with the assistance of my music I want listeners to the see the world with new lenses, lenses that show dreams are real.”